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Christmas dinners suck (probably not so a satire)
The candle lights are flickering
with the eyesockets in delight
I wonder if they’re whispering
or if the whips are in my mind
Family dinners never turned out
the way I thought they should be
I guess I knew a shout
could be given out so subtly.
And maybe that twelve year old dressed up kid
with her head in the clouds
will go out and find herself to get hit
by a few guns to send her south
I don’t remember if it was December
when I figured out Christmas dinners suck
there was no uncle as the breadwinner
but the women at the table were the only ones to get up.
And the aprons were for skirts unbuttoned, while the belts
were for all of the males who claimed men
and the people all together decided they would melt
while I sat there and refused to give in
The candles start melting out their brains
but I don’t think that’s so hard
And I don’t know what type of presents
live when we’re all dying of lard
stuck in our breasts
and tipping meat out of our hats
:iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 1
Not alone
You won’t be all alone,
tonight, because
my breath
in the cold December air
is breatheing out for you,
even if I don’t know you,
and there’s a twinge in the air
that I wish would solidify
into something like solid ice.
To stab me in the heart.
At least then he would know i have one.
And i used it for something.
I had a dream where
I got run over,
and it felt good.
Because his face
was somewhere in the mass
of people who weren’t really
watching, but
who decided I was
an interesting ghost.
to stare at.
i was left in the middle
of her lies
and he didn’t even care.
i cried almost each night
and forgot
how not
to stare.
So I remembered
at the wrong turn,
and this is revenge,
gotta be,
for the months ago
when I didn’t smile back
at that other guy
who didn’t smile for anyone.
I feel so bad.
I did seconds later.
I was shy.
and I didn’t want to dirty
someone as beautiful as him.
Now I’m just a mess,
a beautiful ship-
wreck -ed upon the cliff
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I don't eat sometimes
I don't eat
and it can be because I'm nauseous.
I don't know
whether I'm nauseous (partially) because I don't eat.
at that moment.
And some days
I don't eat
because I'm
and because inside
I want to feel,
(as my friend described she felt
the other day
with these problems)
and I want to feel
as empty on the inside
like I can blot out,
as I do emotionally.
Physical stuff
like hands on thighs
and innards groaning
is So much easier
like razors on my skin
splitting my skin
and like fingernails
scratching ribs
and like feet
slamming walls
to feel them get that hit
and remember what soccor
felt like
back when you had fun,
and it's so much easier
than emotional drainage
Where you're not about to cry,
not again,
not for him just because
you went to a concert together
and his eyes smiled
and not because his smile
was aimed to you and he
actually wasn't lying,
and not because you know
he got tricked
but he's smarter than that,
and not for all
:iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 5
Karma alive?
I'm holding out hoping
that Karma exists
and is God's little
kicking ass angel
Because to be honest
I've been kissing bloody knuckles
of fake kings
for far too long.
And I'm sick of being hurt
and being used
and being worthless
until I finally exist
just for his entertainment.
Would you like me to stand there
in front of the entire school
while she rips the cartridge
with her swollen teeth,
making that The excuse
for her hicky lip
as she lies through her tears
to your poor supporting
monster fears
of yourself?
You can't leave her.
That's monstrosity.
Yet it's okay
to watch
as she unleashes her tokens
of anger and jealousy
right on my back
and steers clear
of all the words
spoken about her,
telling the truth,
that she's a little liar.
Watch her load up boy
and you even read the messages
but the cyberspace heros
are on vacation
or imprisoned
or you're keeping them out
because I still sat
wondering where you were.
Wondering where they were coming to,
because wherever  
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Sad and different with it.
See I'm different.
Ooh, got your attention now.
I bet you're all revved up just to see how similar I am to you. How crazy I am
for thinking I'm unique
in a world of copies and sewed-mouth liars and sewed-mouth truthtellers.
When other people are so sad
that they're used to it,
they shut down.
They become emotionless.
When things are so bad,
they just don't even care,
and they're motionless in that state.
Feeling that way.
When I'm so sad,
that I'm used to it,
I'm beaming. Smiling horrifically
so, such, so much that my face starts
to feel like there's hands
pulling it,
but of course there's hands
pulling at my thighs
and my elbows
and else.
When I'm so sad,
that I'm loving people
by letting them be happy,
and I'm even getting hurt,
then I'm beaming because if I
am sad then they might stop,
they might be sad,
or worse.
They might be disappointed.
And that's why I'm running.
When I'm old enough,
or young enough,
or whatever it is.
I'm running.
Sure, it's funny.
Make fun of me now,
when I'
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Good luck, fare well
Good luck getting lipstick off your back if you can't reach it well.
But you weren't thinking about that when you meant her "fare well",
goodbye present
and you left her to rent
out her heart to the next taker.
It's like reaching behind you for a rope that's not there
after you've been climbing seven hours in despair
and you finally admit that you can't get to the top
and your limps are shaking ready to drop you off
So you just want to come down?
Too bad,
you should've thought of that
because you're dangling off a cliff
like you dangled a string before her face
and let her have it against her fingertip
then brought it back to run it away
and slap her across her pretty lip
With a word like 'slut' spoken by your friend
and you don't notice, you turn your head
the words slipping in your ear
and you shake your skull
so that when you disappear
her still-talking voice won't lull.
She doesn't have conversations
like that
with just anyone.
But you are embarrassed
and too cool
to be seen with h
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The disappearance. Pt.1
The disappearance.
Fade out to white
the crimson stories
written on my veins
are only subtlety dripping
like the glances you steal
from her, in gossamer silk threads
touching her waist
so she won't notice
you're looking at me.
Cover my mouth,
I do
and that's because I
remember what it felt like
when he did it for me.
That's why there was red
on my rib
and there's only a thread
of trust between us,
and that's because of him.
So bite my words
and then dip your head towards hers
I bet she's so much better
that she's ready to grip you tighter
and hurt you more.
When you ask her to stop,
boy she won't.
and I would know,
I've always asked her to stop
and we're both girls
and she's not even gay
and she won't.
She doesn't care about you
any more than
she cared about me
And trust me,
you don't leave someone
you care about like oil to a car.
I care about you,
but you're a burnt leaf now
and so I went to put you in my hair,
braiding you deep to me
with a bird's eye view
so that you won't get lost
:iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 1
Suicide isn't sad
Suicide beyond sad
is the one that isn't.
The one where he sits there
in his worn-out jeans and
old plaid sweartshirt
with the seams hidden
and the sleeves pulled
too long down
to give him
something to hold on to.
It's where her hair
is hiding a base of her neck
like a bat in a game
cracking the ball
right into outerspace
where the moon is assaulted
and he can't even cry
because to cry
is to admit to be alive.
I'm the one standing alone
on seventh avenue out in the old cold
and he left me here when she showed him her phone
Now I shivered here with hands addressing a maiden throne
And as cars slide by
and I try to brake
The moon waves goodbye
until the end of the day
dying inside to give me love to stay
And so I remain but I'll tell you that maybe someday
If their words ever run out
if I'm slicking oil from my cheeks
and the pavement crusts my fingertips
then I'll kiss the air
and the moon will shiver with despair
don't reach for me
let me die
or don't leave.
*Title: Suicide isn't sad
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Mature content
bathroom floor :iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 1 52
Mature content
She's not allowed :iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 103
*Okay, so the quote coming is what I read at
Do Not hate on that poem, that poem is brilliant. I read that quote and that inspired to write about a little of what December is.*
' I really feel sorry for November. It must be hard to be the precursor to December. '
UntamedUnwanted on Deviantart
Sipping silent drops of hot chocolate words like cigarettes
burning out at a rock show
and lighting her hair
is she dead?
I forgot how it feels to
remember the pain
And I guess I'm fine
but the bathroom sink screams, sometimes, my name
And your words
stab my stomach
but I won't die
will I love him?
I wonder what happens to the boy on the moon
is he hurt too
by what he consumes
I can't imagine that to be a life
I'd want
unless it saves you
from your strife
And this mausoleum is going nowhere etiolated veins
in my wrists
burning causing scream
ing sensations
I'm fine
Didn't you know that no one remembers the kid
who sits fires the ten
:iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 3 96
So far apart :iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 106
[almost] shaking calls
She falls against the bathroom sink
catches herself on the rim
Tells herself she's okay to just breathe
but her heart then it wants to dim
Hand over the scar
but no one is there
What's the point of an art
If no one sees her scare
No one's kissing scars or even words off her lisp
All he kissed was himself goodbye when he missed
She falls apart but knuckles turning white
No, holding herself to the bathroom, no revenge for the light
And isn't she light.
In classes they comment how yes she has sharp hips
they all laugh along and pretend they aren't getting a lisp
when their lies start to cut about how they aren't envying
she remembers to not let her shorts up for fear they might see the real remembering
Doesn't she flashback, boy.
She sinks to swim but in the nightmares
she's only so dim when she can be unscared
So she pretends to laugh but noone hears her anymore
No one did then he's a noone even more
Than the lonely few who sit across from her
Like that boy with eyes like gossamer
:iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 58
Mature content
to commit suicide. :iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 1 50
Without Friends
Worthless and not free
go on without me
doesn't say a word in class
walks through the hallway steely glass
Catching those eyes
is like a flood that tries
to rampage a wildfire
it only works if you smother
No one slams against a locker
no one cuts in front of the liar
who doesn't go to lunch
who is in for a crunch
who eats in the bathroom
hides in an auditorium
wishing self hadn't turned down callbacks
that maybe Hell or Heaven will be right back
Hiding in the wings one of these days
telling self that things really will be o-fucking-kay
Aces all the classes and smiles at the teachers
tries harder to learn but is done with the reachers
wannabe zombies who consume that bloody emboldened heart
love was a gift and when burned lit an upstart
now confusion
eyes slowly jading
somedays aura fading
Who knows if
self is still alive
An unwished kiss
would be to die
Would rather go on alone surviving living again
No one can live without friends
That's funny because I supposedly had them
:iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 2 144
What they feel :iconskeletonsbasements:SkeletonsBasements 3 2


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I Need Feminism
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Written by CorporateRockWhore
I need feminism because
It’s acceptable to call me a slut.
I need feminism because
It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.
I need feminism because
It’s my own fault if a man rapes me.
I need feminism because
I should look good for men to see.
I need feminism because
People think it means ‘anti-man’.
I need feminism because
I can’t do things that men can.
I need feminism because
Girls think it’s cool to shame each other.
I need feminism because
The world has higher hopes for my brother.
I need feminism because
My femininity makes me ‘weak’.
I need feminism becau
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Lonely Hearts Club :iconchristopherpollari:ChristopherPollari 440 54
first-class liars go to hell
you played juliet in your
school play and fell in love with her
tragic romance.
he played your fairy tales
just like he played his old fender
guitar, taking you along
for the ride.
and he used to tell you that your hair
reminded him of fireplaces
and christmas and
the "better times"
but i don't think he ever did tell
you what the "better times"
he was a smoker and
you were a ballerina.
in your act III,
instead of killing a tybalt and
threatening to kill
himself if he was separated from
you, he took a gun
and put it to your head, asking
if you ever did
love him.
and when you told him that
you would leave if that
made him happy,
he kicked you out, placing the
gun in your hand,
and you think that might've
been the denouement
to your love story.
you went home and decided
poison was too pretty
a way to die,
and you placed the barrel
in your mouth.
blood danced across the
bathroom tile.
and somewhere,
cigarette hanging from his lips,
he sets fire
to everything he has
ever owne
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Kiss of Death :iconzephy0:zephy0 1,085 68
We Need to Help Each Other
Earlier this week, I posted a small short =>>
...But obviously, we're not helping each other. I know the entire point of this group is to put out our emotions without fear of being judged, put out our pain without the fear of being told to suck it up because others feel this pain as well.
And I understand that, because that's exactly what's been happening...but that's all. I know that this group is dedicated to people who "really aren't okay," but in the long run, it's not healthy, it doesn't help. I know that in the comments, we give advice, but for many, it's not enough or doesn't make sense, and in other insistences, it just makes things worse.
I think as a group, rather than putting out our pain 24/7, we need to use it to our advantage.
You may be wondering "How do we use pain to our advantage?" It's easy.
Pain heals others pains, because one person's pain isn't as bad as the person next to us.
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.Steel Gauze.
He's branding it excitement
The reality he'll ignore
He can't escape this imprisonment
It stretches past the door
He's smellin' roses long past red phases
Hoping to cloud his head
He acts like there's no empty spaces
Until he goes to bed
He's filling holes with cement toxins
It blurs all those man-made lines
He never left the shoes he walks in
Yet he's practiced every disguise
He's building walls made of concrete
No one holds his interest
But he's starin' down at hands mangled by his feet
And forgetting about the rest
He's never understood this language
Never heard a sound
He could finish a thousand years of damage
Until you tore his walls down
He's not smiled in twenty years
And now he's wearin' a lie
He smiles but he sees you through tears
But you wont let 'im die
:iconkazocks:Kazocks 7 7
I want to know.
I want to see the things you think
Every time you close your eyes,
To know what lies behind the facade,
Behind the little white lies
I want to feel.
The sting of pain you endure
Every time you're slighted and ignored,
When all your friends
Don't want you anymore.
I want to be.
To take your place for one day
Trying on your shoes
And walk your path as far as I can
Until I can't even stand anymore.
I want to understand.
What it's like
To be
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